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Hai Phong Port receives first cargo code of 2020

The Hai Phong Port Joint Stock Company at the Tan Vu Port Branch hosted a ceremony on January 1 in order to welcome the arrival of the year’s first cargo code.


First cargo codes are unloaded at Tan Vu port


Hai Phong Port enjoyed a highly successful 2019 as it become the leading seaport in the north of Vietnam, with the site’s goods output reaching a total of 26.8 million tonnes and turnover reaching VND1.686 billion.

The first cargo codes of 2020 arrived from the Pearl River Bridge of the ONE shipping line and were unloaded at Tan Vu port.

The Pearl River Bridge is notable for being over 170 metres in length, approximately 30 metres wide, and with a capacity of 22,000 tonnes.

During a ceremony held to welcome the arrival of the first product code of the year, the Hai Phong Port Joint Stock Company showed their determination to achieve an output which exceeds 34.5 million tonnes over the course of the year with pre-tax profits expected to hit VND415 billion.

Cao Trung Ngoan, Acting General Director of the Hai Phong Port Joint Stock Company, said the firm will continue to uphold its tradition of solidarity and innovation within management and production activities  towards achieving the set targets.

Ngoan noted that the company will continue to invest in technology as it moves towards becoming an electronic port, in addition to striving to utilise labour resources in an effective manner, retraining young staff, and introducing Industry 4.0 technology for the port’s management activities.

Furthermore, the firm is expected to bring two wharfs at the Hai Phong International Gateway Port into operation by 2022.